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At the heart of my work is creativity and over the years I have been involved in many different creative projects.


Below I give a quick summery of some of those creative projects.


Harvest Preston Creative Festival


Alan Gillhespy and myself wanted to celebrate creativity in our city of Preston. And so without any previous experience in doing so, we set out to organise a multi-venue weekend long multimedia festival. With determination and the lots of help and support from many great people and venues it somehow worked. Harvest then turned into a creative collective with meetings and showcases. Through harvest something Gonzo emerged.


The Gonzo Project


The Gonzo Project emerged out of Harvest and was the brainchild of myself and Pete Gallagher. The initial project being the simple idea 'Can we make a documentary about what was going on creatively  in Preston over a random week'. The only issue being we'd never even used a camera before, let alone made a film. We did manage to make the first film and it was during this process that I fell in love with filmmaking and editing. The original film is no longer online but the follow up Volumes are here in the documentary section.


Alan, tom & john & That


Joining back up with Alan we embarked into the frontier of local radio and then into the realm of Podcasts. Preston FM (mistakenly) allowed us on the air, but we later decided not to sully their reputation further and we became a podcast. The show featured fictional fanbase favourite segment 'John in 60 seconds' and many other bad ideas and strange conversations. 

Peter and the Wolf Productions


Following the Gonzo Project, people were asking myself and Pete to make music videos for them. So we combined Pete's talent for animation and mine for video and formed Peter and the Wolf.

weird wolf media


Myself and Pete decided for the sake of working in different mediums it made sense after a few years to separate. I formed Weird Wolf Media for my video production work and for the last few years I was working under that name. I have now chosen to just work under my own name.