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be good or be gone

Be Good or Be Gone is an Irish independent feature film released April 13th 2021. Winner of best international narrative feature at the 18th Garden State Film Festival (New Jersey, USA).  As well as playing and winning awards at Ontario International Film Festival in Canada, Sheran Oaks Film Festival in LA and finally coming home to screen at Dublin International Film Festival 2021.


The film is a gritty but heartfelt drama about two cousins on temporary release form prison.  Ste wants to reconnect with his family and make amends but his cousin Weed constantly gets in the way.


Having originally been hired as the Assistant Editor for the project. I was very fortunate to given the opportunity to step up to be the Editor on the film from very early in the post production process. Working closely with Director Cathal Nally and the team to get this highly independent project over the line was truly an amazing experience. I'm very proud of the end product  and so happy for everyone involved. The reception since film festivals to now post release has been heart warming and very rewarding.


The film having been totally self funded was released internationally  through Random Media on April 13th 2021.

Guardian Review
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